About US

Zhejiang Jolly Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise integrated by scientific research, production and marketing, which was founded in January, 2000. On Feburary 22nd, 2011, it was successfully involved in the Growth Enterprises Market in Shenzhen Stock ExchangeStoke Code300181), known as the first public enterprise in Huzhou. At present, the company has a wholly-owned subsidiary, Zhejiang Jolly Health Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd., two subsidiaries, Qinghai Everest Cordyceps Sinensis Pharmaceutical., Ltd and Zhejiang Kaixin Medicine., Ltd. Moreover, the company also invests and participates in the cooperating medical service of Deqing No.3 People’s Hospital.

Our company is located at the foot of the scenic Mount Mogan, covering an area of more than 100 thousand square meters. We have modern production lines including raw materials, tablets, capsules, particles and frozen dry powder injection etc. Our R & D center is titled as “Provincial High-Tech Research and Development Center”, “Zhejiang  Enterprise Technology  Center” and “National & Local Co-operational Engineering Lab for Medicinal Fungi Pharmaceutical Technology”.

Based on bio-fermentation technology, our company adopts medicinal fungi to produce traditional Chinese medicinal products. With years of research and improvement, we have realized the industrialization of Wulingshen, a kind of rare Chinese herbal medicine, which successfully combines with the modern biotechnology. Wuling strains from natural Wulingshen, which have been used to develop the industrialized production pattern for Wulingshen fermentation power (Wuling Powder). Through the market-oriented approach, our company keeps an intensive research on Wuling Powder, and has successfully developed Wuling-series products, like Wuling Capsule, a kind of new national first-class medicine, with Linglianhua Particle for menopausal syndrome treatment and Lingze Tablet for BPH treatment. After acquiring Qinghai Everest Cordyceps Sinensis Pharmaceutical., Ltd, we gained a blockbuster---the “Bailing Tablet”, a preparation with fermented cordyceps sinensis, which belongs to the medicinal fungi field.

For years, our company focuses on the innovation of product, market and management. We have achieved a lot in sales, profits and tax payment step by step and are still developing rapidly. Meanwhile, we have also received many honors, like “National Torch High-tech Enterprise”, “State High-tech Enterprise ”, “National Model Harmonious Enterprise”, “National Labor Medal ”, “Zhejiang Green Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Honest and Faithful Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Model Unit”, “Zhejiang Innovation-based Pilot Enterprise ”, “Zhejiang Excellent Private Enterprise”, “Chinese Famous Trademark”, “Zhejiang Famous Brand”, “Zhejiang Well-known Enterprise” and  “Zhejiang Famous Brand Products”etc.

We also stick to the enterprise spirit: “Follow human being’s fitness and attribute to the pharmaceutical development of China”, with “innovation, dedication, excellence, cooperation and win-win” as our core concepts, Wuling-series products as our starting point and the industrialization of medicinal fungi as our responsibility. Construct chronic disease and health management ecosystems based on the platforms of "pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical distribution, and medical services".