Pharmaceutical production is beneficial to people's lives, and drug quality is the most important thing in our company. We abide by the State Drug Administration Law, drug production quality management standards and related regulations. According to the requirements of the quality management system and the relevant provisions of the company, it carries out the system of management, supervision and control, to ensure product quality, improve the quality assurance system. There are clear description of responsibility in every step auch as materials management, production, storage, logistics. With such effective management, the quality of the drug is controlled in every perfect detail. At the same time, the company also holds regular internal quality analysis meeting, improve the quality of management personnel from the two aspects of QA and QC found the problem, analyze and solve the question ability, always put product quality first concept into the thought, the implementation of the daily work.

In 2012 July, the company raised for the project " an annual output of 200 tons of Wuling mycelia powder production technology upgrading and expansion project" successfully passed the project acceptance and the 2010 version of GMP certification.